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From: 350.00$

From: 350.00$

Storage Beds

High quality storage beds.

Available in many fabrics and colors to suit your bedroom.

Warranty one year.



Advantages of storage beds


Beds with internal storage space allow you to make the most of the wide area below that would otherwise be unused.

Everything at hand

Storing all the linen in the compartment underneath the mattress allows you to have clean sheets and pillowcases at hand when you decide to change them.

Easily make the bed

Some storage beds have a parallel opening, which allows you to lift the bed, making it easier to change bed linen, especially for those who suffer from back pain.

Neat bedroom

To organize the space under your bed even better, use clear storage boxes with lids or vacuum storage bags. Moreover, this solution will also speed things up when you decide to empty the drawer for cleaning.

Dimensions N/A

120X195, 160X195, 180X195, 200X200


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