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Relieve Muscle Soreness: Our percussion massage gun has 8 interchangeable massage attachments and 32 adjustable speeds. It can help athletes, sedentary office workers, drivers, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone with muscle pain who needs a deep tissue massage for the back, neck, legs, and muscles to eliminate body fatigue and soreness caused by exercise or long hours of work. Professional Deep Muscle Massage Gun: Our deep tissue massage gun equipped with a high-powered motor that is powerful and stable, with a motor speed of up to 2400 RPM, an amplitude of up to 12 MM, up to 55 strokes per second, and a torque of 335 LM/FT. It provides a rapid burst of pressure during the back and forth works, sending a ripple effect on the skin’s surface, vibrating the deep muscle tissue of the body to relieve pain, and can target critical areas for instant relief Pain. Portable and Silent: Our gun massager work with a sound of about 35-50 decibels, can be used quietly at the home, office, or gym without disturbing others. It’s lightweight (only 1.7 lbs). Long-lasting Battery Capacity + Automatic Shutdown Protection: 1,500mAh battery usage can support the deep muscle massager gun ​to work continuously for at least 1-2 hours. It can last for 1 week on a full charge (the exact length of use depends on the speed and mode of massage you use and shut off from the bottom when not in use). Our Massager gun will automatically shut down every 15 minutes of continuous service to prevent overheating
A unique and advanced design model
Suitable for all bodies.
Battery Capacity: 1,500mAh
Speeds: 32
Massage Heads: 8
USB: Type-C
Voltage: 7.4v
Product Size: 170x51x202mm


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